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All Within, Nothing Without

You can’t even escape the SJW/feminist bellyaching/gamergatery on an electronics website: Oh Barbie, You’ve Missed the Mark Again – News – SparkFun Electronics.

I don’t care whether the poster’s points are valid or not, whether their post spreads awareness, sends a message, raises consciousness, promotes inclusiveness, or any of the usual Progressive tropes that come into play with this kind of thing. I don’t go to Sparkfun for that stuff. I go to Sparkfun to look for electronic parts and to get ideas and advice on electronic projects.

I abandoned Raspberry Pi, returned the hardware I’d already bought, and now refuse to have anything to do with their products over their completely unnecessary and off-base assholery concerning #gamergate. Please don’t tell me I’m going to have to write off Sparkfun, too.

ETA: Hmm…

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