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Tito to Mars

Interesting: The millionaire and his mission to Mars

We’ll apparently find out tomorrow, but this would have to include some sort of mission module or Bigelow habitat in addition to the Dragon capsule. They’d be incredibly lucky if they were to choose participants who could spend that much time together in such a cramped space without killing each other or themselves or both, for one thing, and I strongly doubt a Dragon alone could carry all the necessary consumables.

Which is not to poo-pooh the idea at all. I think it’s great if Tito and company go forward with this. If the participants survive the mission (and possibly even if they don’t), it will be a huge shot in the arm to private space efforts, putting to rest the “giggle factor” once and for all. Just imagine how impotent the usual sneers about how SpaceX and others are “merely repeating what NASA and the Soviet/Russian space program did decades ago” will become when a private endeavor manages to pull off (or nearly pull off) something no government program has done…or has even tried to do.

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