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A Taste of Their Own Medicine

In the Wall Street Journal, a Doctor’s Plan for Legal Industry Reform.

I liked this one for the snarkiness of it:

    • Discourage/eliminate specialization. Legal specialists with extra training and experience charge more money, contributing to increased costs of legal care, making it unaffordable for many. This reform will guarantee a selection of mediocre, unmotivated attorneys but should help slow rising legal costs. Big shot under indictment? Classified National Archives documents down your pants? Sitting president defending against impeachment? Have FBI agents found $90,000 in your freezer? Too bad. Under reform you too may have to go to the government legal shop for advice.


He has an excellent point in the premise of his satire, but there’s another aspect which may be easy to overlook: the lawyers he criticizes belong to a profession which bears significant responsibility for the cost ills plaguing the industry, through (among other things) nuisance lawsuits and excessive tort claims which drive up malpractice insurance fees and motivate doctors to perform extra unneccessary tests as excercises in CYA.

Oh, but we can’t possibly call for tort reform! Oh no, reform the entire trillion-dollar healthcare industry, but don’t touch the Democrat donors from the trial lawyer lobby whose actions exacerbate all the other cost-related problems with healthcare!

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