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Life Imitates “Atlas Shrugged”

Uh-oh, it looks like Galt’s “ray screen” was no match for the “Don’t Be Evil” crowd — Google Earth has found Atlantis:

From what it sounds like, a British aeronautical engineer was playing around with the new Google Earth 5.0, which includes undersea data, and noticed something funny off the coast of Africa, about 600 miles west of the Canary Islands, that resembled a pattern of a street grid. According to the United Kingdom’s Press Association, the pattern of streets equated to an area the size of Wales.

In case you’ve had more important things to read about for the past few thousand years, Atlantis was a legendary island city first mentioned by Plato, allegedly a hard-core naval power located somewhere near North Africa that disappeared when it sank into the ocean.

Oh wait…they’re talking about the Atlantis of newage superbeings, not the Atlantis of striking capitalists. Never mind.

Seriously, though, this appears to be an artifact of Google’s data integration.  If Google has the same trouble with integration of the ever-growing body of Mars survey data at Google Mars, I have to wonder how many sleepless nights the Hoagland crowd has spent poring over pixels looking for artificial structures, and how many long minutes of in-depth analysis they have wasted verifying the authenticity of these “anomalies”, only to be frustrated yet again with the announcement that their latest “evidence” is only a fluke of how data from different instruments was integrated.

Not that it would stop them from believing they’d found the holy grail of ancient astronauttery, of course.

2 comments to Life Imitates “Atlas Shrugged”

  • Greg

    Hoagland and his bunch will/would take any data setback as continuing evidence of NASA and the astronomy gestapo’s efforts to keep the truth hidden from us.

  • Greg

    Besides, Just from looking at that image, I failed to see even one geological reason as to why there could have been an island that sank into the sea there. That volcanic island in the Med, Santorini, is still the most likely candidate. Heck even some of Graham Hancock’s crazy ideas about Atlantis in SA make more sense than this…