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At It Again

After a long dry spell, Bruce is back to anti-space-blogging with another of his trademark cut-and-paste jeremiads:

Blah blah blah shipping lanes in space blah blah blah Bechtel moonbase blah blah blah military control blah blah blah profits for the aerospace industry blah blah blah NASA Nazis blah blah blah blah blah

Same old rehashed talking points, no sense wasting your time with it.

1 comment to At It Again

  • kert

    huh… i dont see anything particularly WRONG in that post .. NASA is basically establishing another state-sponsored trucking line.. NASAs major priority in architecting the VSE has been retaining jobs in its centers and with its major contractors, so it IS mostly funnelling money to established aerospace giants. The major thrust of its work goes to recreating existing capabilities ( ARSES I and V ) that could be competitively purchased instead.
    as for the space militarization looney tunes .. lets just not go there