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For Some, That Link Is A GOOD Thing

Seems the link between Hugo Chavez and Sequoia voting machines is getting some federal attention.

This link was mentioned in a meeting I attended back in July, sponsored by the Arapahoe County Democrats. The speaker raised a number of valid concerns about electronic voting machines, and was clearly taking pains to appear non-partisan on the issue…but not so the audience.

At one point, the subject of Chavez and his connection to Sequoia came up — the connection being that the Venezuelan government owns 28% of the parent company, Smartmatic, and there was some controversy in Chavez’ 2004 reelection over whether the vote was rigged via such machines. But while that IS the connection, the speaker only stated that the CEO of Smartmatic is barred by the Bush Administration from entering the US, without explaining why. This prompted three women in the crowd to comment:

WOMAN 1: [suddenly excited] “Maybe he’s got connections to Hugo Chavez!

WOMAN 2: [intrigued] “Oooh…maybe we’ll like that!”

WOMAN 3: [gushing like a schoolgirl] “Maybe he’ll help us out in the next election!”

The tone and nature of the comments clearly implied that a Chavez-Sequoia connection was seen by these women as a desirable thing, because while tampering with the vote by rigging electronic voting machines is clearly a bad thing, it could be a good thing if done by Chavez since it would presumably be done to harm Republicans (specifically Chimpy McBushhitler). In other words, it’s an example of situational ethics: nobody should have the ability to tamper with the vote…unless he’s someone who will tamper with it in our interests. Which really exposed the thinking of the crowd on the issue, in spite of the speaker’s efforts to remain non-partisan and treat the matter as a “patriotic issue” affecting all citizens, regardless of party or district.

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