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Right on the Mark

Dr. Sanity seems to be describing our favorite moonbat peacenik:

War is a always a terrible choice. No reasonable person could believe that it is benign or intrinsically “good” to wage war. Yet, it is sometimes a choice that reasonable people need to make simply because evil exists in the world and it cannot go unchecked–that is, not if you truly care about innocent human life.

Pacifists cannot deal with this simple truth. In reality, they don’t care much about human suffering, misery or even death; let alone the legacy of evil in the world. Through a variety of psychological defenses, they have managed to deny, displace, distort, and project real evil away. There cannot be found even a trace of psychological insight among all those angry marchers who violently and adamantly demand peace at any price.

For the carefree members of the antiwar movement, the triumph of evil is unimportant when compared to their own narcissistic need to appear virtuous and good.

Pacifism–what is it good for? It protects the user from having to make difficult moral choices in the real world; from having to deal with real human suffering in the here and now; and most importantly, from recognizing how meaningless their own lives are.

The track record of pacifism is horrendous. Not only do “peace movements” fail to bring peace; but by protecting, appeasing, and minimizing true evil, they ensure that war–when it inevitably comes–costs even more in terms of human suffering and lives.

1 comment to Right on the Mark

  • Aaron_J

    Insofar as the article refers to those “angry marchers”, it may be accurate in describing some or even a majority of them, but is it complete? How many of them really want peace at any cost, and how many just want a ceasefire because some of their beloved terrorists are being shot up?