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Maybe Not

When I first started reading this article, it sounded like good material for a post on the ongoing withering of the “giggle factor” regarding space settlement and commerce.

After reading the whole thing, though, I see that both the article and its subject actually reinforce the giggle factor:

The mother-of-two is a huge fan of the science-fiction television and film series “Star Trek”.

“I am really into sci-fi and horror so I really want to go to a big Trekkie convention in the US and dress up,” she confessed.

“I have always been fascinated with stars and space so I’m going to get a strong telescope in my garden.”

She admitted: “I am a bit of a geek”.

Star Trek? Trekkie convention? Sigh.

1 comment to Maybe Not

  • I wonder – it’s a very short article. How much was left out of the interview? Did the reporter slant the article to make the lady sound like a loon?

    Not that a reporter has ever slanted a story for his market. Never.

    I enjoy reading SF. I’ve been to a con, but never to a ‘Star Trek’ con. I’ve been asked by civilians what kind of ficiton I enjoy.

    Science fiction. David Gerrold, Heinlein, Pournelle, Niven . . .

    Blank look – you mean like Star Trek?

    Sigh. Yes, like that but, um (foundering) better. Like real literature not bubble gum …

    At which point you give up trying to explain that the diff between a good Heinlein novel and Star Trek is like the diff between ‘Taming of the Shrew’ and Spiderman. They might believe you but they’re convinced your dangerous and are looking for a sharp stick to poke you with if you get out of hand.