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The Luddite Pillory, v1.9

Sorry about the unannounced lack of a Pillory last week — I was busy painting, and there just wasn’t much material to lampoon. In the future the Pillory will be posted on alternate Sundays, unless I find some other reliable sources of space and science moonbattery to mine.

  • You know you’re down in the dumps when Bruce Gagnon’s “I hate myself and all the world” cri de coeur actually gives you hope — and you’re not one of his critics;
  • Everybody’s got their shtick. For Bruce, everything bad in the world ultimately comes back around to the military, which apparently rivals the “International Joooooish Conspiracy” (booga! booga!) in its ubiquitous and nefarious influence. For Elaine, even a semi-coherent rant about NASA’s workforce demographics comes back around to a call to “Arrest Bush!”.
  • You never know what to expect when shopping on Amazon for science fiction DVDs [mildly work-unsafe];
  • Let’s hope nobody gets ideas about putting this and this together…The Matrix is about the last art life needs to be imitating. Assuming of course that we’re not already soaking in it…
  • Yet another suppressed technology coverup. Yawn. (And what’s that about seeing “the guy’s hand move across”? Huh?) [hat tip: Eric C.]
  • At least someone involved has finally fessed up that this was a hoax…and how enjoyably bizarre that it is the original model maker revealing the truth in the context of making a duplicate of the “real” dummy for a new movie about the original film.

2 comments to The Luddite Pillory, v1.9

  • Ilya

    I don’t get the point of the Amazon link. It had nothing “work-unsafe” nor particularly interesting. What is your point?

  • T.L. James

    Ah. It’s changed since I posted that link — it came up with a bunch of, ahem, “guides for better lovemaking”. Quite explicit ones. And surprisingly specialized.

    (And before anyone gets the idea that it listed those things because of my previous searches — think again. Amazon had no reason to think I was interested in…those particular practices.)