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Francisco D’Anconia, Call Your Office

Who needs Brad and Angelina’s destined-to-be-wretched hack-job on Atlas Shrugged when one can watch it happening in the real world in real time?

1 comment to Francisco D’Anconia, Call Your Office

  • Aaron_J

    It looks like they are folowing the lead of Chavez in Venezuela. You might have heard that he has had to strike a deal with Russia to purchase $2 billion in oil to avoid defaulting on obligations. Apparently production is off as much as 60% under Chavez.

    These idiots might not actually be as dangerous as they seem, in the Ebola virus sense. Ebola is not as big a threat as one might think, primarily because it kills its victims so quickly, before it has time to spread effectively. Looks like the same might be true for the most recent strain of Latin American revolutionaries.