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Glaring Omission

When I came across this post, I figured from the title that it had something to do with Mother Sheehan withdrawing from the festivities.

Imagine how surprised I was when Bruce completely neglected to mention that Medea Cindy bailed on him…shocker, that. And after all his breathless promotion of her impending appearance. Tsk tsk tsk. What a pity. But, I guess her “spark” was bound to burn out sometime. I had a feeling it would happen well before Bruce’s little anti-Navy tantrum this weekend…looks like I was right.

Of course, now that they don’t have to devote their time and money to the care and feeding of Cindy Sheehan and her Traveling Moonbat Menagerie this weekend, perhaps Bruce and his pals at VfP could donate those freed-up resources to helping the poverty-stricken victims of Katrina, for whose suffering he affects such deep concern as he exploits it for political points.

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