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Bruce Gagnon on Orbital Mechanics

In an all-day-sucker of fisking possibilities, our friend discusses a heretofore unknown aspect of orbital mechanics: Mark Whittington]

UPDATE: Believe it or not, Mr. Gagnon seems to have won an award nomination for this bit of inadvertent humor.

4 comments to Bruce Gagnon on Orbital Mechanics

  • Mark

    In all likelihood, he’s referring (or misunderstanding) this:

    Although I didn’t read the article all the way through, I couldn’t find the word “LaGrange” so I don’t know how close he is to the actual topic.

  • Way off, I’d wager. This “space shipping lanes” notion appears again and again in his essays, with no additional elaboration on it that I have yet come across. It’s not a recent thing, nor can I find any item in which he refers to Lagrange points at all. I doubt he knows what they are, so I’m less willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    From this and other of his statements, I suspect that he conceives of space as being similar to the high seas in both structure and scale. “Shipping lanes” suggests to me a conception of travel in the space environment as a two-dimensional affair, as does his recent hyperventilation over space debris…e.g.: all that space debris is in one plane like flotsam on the ocean surface, and all spacecraft must travel in that same plane, dodging spent stages, lost fasteners, and paint chips like an old wooden whaling boat threading its way through icebergs in the North Atlantic.

  • Aaron J

    Or maybe everything Bruce ever needed to know about space he learned from watching The Jetsons. He isn’t real keen on providing references or responding to questions, so we’ll probably never know.

    Still, I hope he keeps chugging along.

  • And I see where he deletes whole threads when questioned too aggressively.

    Tsk-tsk…bad blog etiquette.