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Humor or Cluelessness?

I’m having trouble deciding whether Bruce is making a clumsy attempt at a joke, or is really as disconnected as this makes him sound:

Even though Lucas says it is his last Star Wars film, the ending was a set up for another one for sure. The dark side wins but two babies are born and the Jedi’s will raise them to fight the dark side. They are the children of Darth Vader so here we go again.

It’s quite an indictment of someone’s views when you honestly can’t tell whether they’re playing dumb.

And speaking of being predictable, I knew before reading it that any Sith review from Bruce Gagnon would include something like the following:

Redeeming moments? One when Darth Vader says “You are either with me or against me” Reminds folks of George W. Bush.

Such wit!

2 comments to Humor or Cluelessness?

  • Carl Carlsson

    If you haven’t recently, check out Bruce’s site. Someone else asks if Bruce’s retarded Star Wars comment is actually an attempt at sarcasm, and one of Bruce’s lapdogs goes ballistic (no pun intended).

    Great stuff!

  • Yet, Bruce doesn’t deign to answer and clear it up.