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Bhushan and Bob

I imagine that being eighteen and having an asteroid named after you would be a powerful incentive to succeed:

An asteroid flying several thousand miles away from Earth, currently located between Mars and Jupiter, has been named after 18-yearold Mumbaikar Bhushan Mahadik.

The asteroid was christened after him by the prestigious Lincoln Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, which has played a key role in the development of space technology…

The laboratory named the asteroid after Bhushan in recognition of his achievement as a finalist in the 2003 Intel International Science Engineering Fare held in Ohio in 2003. The focus of his research was ‘synthesis of carbon nanotubes’.

Bhushan passed out of Father Agnel Junior College, Navi Mumbai, in 2004. Now, he is doing his undergraduate studies in chemical engineering at the University of California in Berkley.

Or continue succeeding, in this case. (“Synthesis of carbon nanotubes”??? That’s an impressive science fair project, but then science fairs just ain’t what they used to be.)

But what the heck is this all about?

He was selected by Isro and Nasa to participate in the ‘Red Rovers Goes to Mars’ programme in 2002. At Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Bhushan was trained to operate the Martian rovers in a simulated environment. Mars Society president Robert Zubrin has allotted Bhushan an acre of land on the Red Planet.

How generous!

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