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Spaceships And Butter

Minnesota Daily is cautiously supportive of the VSE:

In addition, while space programs keep the United States at the forefront of technology and scientific discovery, Congress must not blindly dole out whatever absurd sum of money the president deems necessary. NASA must remain funded to carry out its mission in a reasonable amount of time – the space race is over and hopefully the Mars mission will involve other countries’ space programs – but priorities at home on Earth should continue to be priorities, and space exploration is not the only form of science Bush must support.

A manned mission to Mars within the next several decades will have far-reaching impacts we have not even begun to dream of. It will rejuvenate the space program and get another generation excited about space travel and discovery beyond “Star Trek.” As long as the programs are thoughtfully and prudently funded, the next step into the final frontier will be well worth it.

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