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Can “Survivor: ISS” Be Far Behind?

Oracle is sponsoring a contest, the winner of which will be sent on a suborbital hop with Space Adventures:

A new quiz will be released every three weeks until May 31, and each passing score counts as a contest entry, increasing your chances of winning.

You don’t have to be a professional Oracle developer to compete, but a science background may help by the time the subject matter gets around to “Designing BPEL Processes with BPEL Process Manager.”

Those who’d rather skip the quizzes and toss their name straight into the contestant pool can just send a postcard to Oracle Space Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 4021 Grand Rapids, Minn. 55730-4021.

If you do win the big prize, the contest rules note, you’ll need to sign a lulu of a liability waiver and submit an affidavit from your doctor testifying that you’re medically fit to fly. The exact date of the trip depends on Space Adventures’ launch schedule, but it’ll happen sometime in 2006. As a bonus, Schultz promised that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison will not be joining the winner.

The registration site is here, if you’re interested.

1 comment to Can “Survivor: ISS” Be Far Behind?

  • Carl Carlsson

    Survivor: ISS? Hmmm…

    “One space station. Twenty contestants who think they are competing for one million dollars. What we didn’t tell them is they are all about to be de-orbited into the South Pacific.”

    I’d watch that.