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Axes to Hatchets



IX The President

The President is a member of the Board, elected by the Board to be the Society’s chief executive officer and spokesperson. The President has authority over all spending decisions, including hiring, firing, and contracting of services, but may delegate authority in these areas to employees or others, as required. The President may act in place of the Board in all matters. However, any presidential decision taken unilaterally is subject to being overruled by the Board, should the Board act to do so within 30 days of the President’s action.

9 comments to Axes to Hatchets

  • Bill White

    Hey guys! Circle up, then Fire!

  • Meaning, you think this is counterproductive infighting?

  • Carl Carlsson

    Let’s be perfectly clear that if this constitutes evidence of “infighting” it’s within the space advocacy community and not within the Mars Society. After all, Mr. Keith Cowing has made it abuntantly clear that he is NOT an MS member. That being the case, it’s funny (funny pathetic, not funny ha ha) how he goes to such effort to try to catch Zubrin with a subtle and apparently incorrect interpretation of the by-laws. Quite petty, but I’ll give him credit for being consistent.

    Then again, maybe Keith’s letter will precipitate an uprising within the MS BOD to repuditate Zubrin’s words, words quite similar to those expressed by plenty of politicians, scientists and educators. Like many, I was pleased with Zubrin’s stand. It shows that the Mars Society, while maintaining a relatively narrow focus with respect to space policy, is still principled and willing to speak up when bad decisions are made.

    I wish Cowing would be more forthright with respect to the reason(s) for his rage against Zubrin, but prior attempts to pry an explanation failed. Still, from reading some of the other stuff Cowing posts, I wonder if being on his s**t list should be considered a mark of honor. Zubrin must be doing something right.

    Then again, maybe I’m just hyp-no-tized.

  • Gee Carl, why do you spend so much time worrying about what I write? Just don’t visit NASA Watch and I am certain you’ll feel much better.

  • Hm. Must be nice to have so many readers that you can afford to throw them away.

    So, why do you dislike Bob Zubrin so much, Keith?

  • If you don’t like what I put on NASA Watch you don’t have to read it. That has always been my standard response to readers since Day One back in March 1996. As for your question about Bob, that ought to be clear by now.

  • Jeez, it’s like talking to John Kerry…

  • Carl Carlsson

    It’s not really the content of NASA Watch, Keith, as much as your rants here and elsewhere. For example, the string of posts following this link on Transterrestrial Musings:

    It’s really more sad and infantile than anything else, though it does shed a little light on things (for instance, how little respect you apparently have for your readership). This and other things you’ve written about Zubrin makes your letter to the MS BOD seem rather disingenuous. The letter tries to make the case that the inquiry is simply an attempt at objective journalism, but that’s hard to swallow given your attitude towards Bob Zubrin — it sounds to me more like an attempt at a “gotcha”.

  • Carl: Why do you spend so much time worrying about what I write? If I am so offensive then just don’t read NASA Watch. I am certain you will feel much better once you do. FWIW the responses thus far from the Steering Committee all support Zubrin – and I have posted them.