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Zubrin on Webcast

In case you can’t be there or catch it on CSPAN, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation will webcast Wednesday’s hearings on the future of NASA, scheduled for 9:30AM EST.

[via Carl Carlsson]

2 comments to Zubrin on Webcast

  • Carl Carlsson

    Wow. Zubrin initially came across as wacky (no real surprise), especially when compared to the other panelists. However, between his initial testimony and the following Q&A he was able to effectively communicate all the important points regarding the Mars Direct plan and his approach to fixing NASA. In fact, virtually all the questions were directed to Zubrin and focused on Mars.

    Several of the questions to other panelists just asked if they agreed with Zubrin, and generally the answer was “yes”. One Senator asked almost all the questions and was very interested in Mars. It was hard for me to tell on the webcast but I think it was Sam Brownback form Kansas. Do I have that right? What is known about him?

    I guess the most interesting point was when each panelist was asked if OSP should be funded. There were three “no’s” and one abstention.

  • There were some comments of Brownback’s recently in a Congress hearing wrap-up on SpaceRef:

    “Sen. Brownback said that NASA’s manned program “is a failure”. He added that great things were being done with robotic probes. He also expressed a lack of enthusiasm for the ISS and said that past failures indicates that NASA has no vision. Brownback said that such a vision is needed – that “America needs to return to the Moon and go on to Mars.””