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How Much?

Several people have asked me just how much snow we got up in the mountains over the past three weeks. This should give some idea:

This is my back deck after about three hours of shoveling — the hump under the window is a little deceptive…it was only about three feet deep over the deck, as indicated by the shovel marks. I spent about seven hours yesterday clearing 3-4′ of standing snow from the 100-foot-long driveway, and that with the help of a neighbor with a snowblower. Good thing the neighbor came along…the snowbanks were as tall as me, which made throwing the snow a lot more work than otherwise.

Mind, this is standing snow…we actually received about eight feet in the past three weeks. While shoveling the driveway yesterday, I could from time to time see large sections of fluffy snow from Friday’s blizzard suddenly slump under their own weight under the warmth of the sun, increasing the density and decreasing the depth (as you might guess, it was a little harder shoveling today than yesterday because of this).

Of course, it’s not all backbreaking work — the snow can actually be pretty (that’s the deck in the background, before shoveling):

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