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Blue Origin Unveiled

The wraps are off Bezos’ Blue Origin.

The one comment I haven’t seen made on this is that Blue Origin has in effect duplicated the DC-X program on private funds. Maybe now we’ll see where that approach could have gone had the DC-X program been continued, as so many wished it had been.

More photos and video here.

ADDENDUM: Phil Bowermaster notes the similarity to D.D. Harriman.

1 comment to Blue Origin Unveiled

  • Tom,
    It is interesting to see how many commercial companies are following in DC-X’s footsteps. Blue Origin is the best funded so far, but Armadillo Aerospace, TGV-Rockets, and us here at Masten Space Systems are also following in the general footsteps of DC-X. Hopefully multiple programs will increase the odds that at least a few of us will succeed.