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Almost Like Being There

NASA’s Mars Rovers to Hit the Silver Screen

Disney’s new IMAX film Roving Mars, set to open nationwide on Jan. 27, chronicles the exploits of NASA?s Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission that entered its third year exploring the surface of the red planet this month. Originally slated for a 90-Martian day mission, Spirit and Opportunity have consistently surpassed the expectations of their handlers and filmmakers throughout their mission.

“My original idea was to wait for the rovers to die and that it would be a dramatic ending, Roving Mars director George Butler told “However, these rovers won?t die, which is excellent news.”…

“We’ve been saying for years that the PanCam images were good enough to look good on an IMAX screen and by God they do,” Squyres said, adding that he and his team have not been able to view rover imagery at its full potential until now. “A computer screen falls woefully short. It’s like looking through a soda straw.”

Butler’s team relied on actual data and images beamed back to Earth from Spirit and Opportunity, as well as the computer imagery talents of Ithaca, New York-based Maas Digital, which created original animations for NASA to illustrate the rover mission…

Depictions of the rover landings, during which they plunged through the Martian atmosphere, deployed parachutes then bounced along the red planet’s surface with airbags, are based on data from gyroscopes and accelerometers embedded in the landing craft, Squyres said.

Filmmakers also overlaid digital elevation models recorded by Spirit and Opportunity with rover imagery to generate accurate landscapes for their computer-generated counterparts to explore, travels that again are based on mission telemetry, he added.

Missing the Action

Looks like I’ll just miss the moonbats protesting at the Broadmoor this week:

WHO: The Air Force Space Command, the Army Space and Missile Command, Northern Command, NORAD, and AFCEA and numerous military contractors, large and small.
WHAT: SpaceCOMM 2006: Defending America – a major propaganda event

WHEN: January 24-26

WHERE: Broadmoor Hotel Convention Center, Colorado Springs

What else: Citizens for Peace in Space and other local activists plan to peacefully banner and leaflet convention goers on Wednesday, January 25 from 1 – 2 PM to express our opposition to the policies being carried out in our name. (read below)

Carpool from Camp Casey (Nevada and Dale) at 12:30 or meet us there.

It is rare to find a gathering that brings together as many of the war making and spying elite as this symposium at the Broadmoor. The sponsoring agencies of “Defending America“; Air Force Space Command, NORAD, Northern Command, Army Space and Missile Command and the Armed Forces spy organization, AFCEA, are carrying out the Bush doctrine of permanent war abroad and increased police state activity at home. They are the beneficiaries of a military budget which has ballooned from $300 to $500 billion and a spying budget which has grown from $30 to $45 billion . Both policies ignore domestic and international law. Both operate in an environment of fear. Both operate behind closed doors with utter disdain for democratic values. And they are a failure. If we are to learn anything from the events of “9-11″ we need a radical course correction before it is too late. Join us on January 25, 1 – 2 PM to help stop this madness.

For more info: Citizens for Peace in Space – xxx-xxxx

Bill Sulzman
Citizens for Peace in Space

I’ll be there on the 27th and 28th for the LPR Annual Retreat. So close, yet so far. Maybe I could drive by their “Camp Casey” while I’m down in the Springs.

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