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Not Your Father’s Launch Failure

Rocket’s Wreckage On Sale To Help Fund Next Launch

Wreckage from a private rocket that exploded after takeoff is up for sale, with proceeds going to finance the owner’s next launch.

Space Transport Corp.’s Phillip Storm and Eric Meier on Wednesday put the remains of the Rubicon 1 up for online auction at The twisted rubble of its space capsule and nosecone are available for a minimum bid of $500.

Rubicon 1 launched unsuccessfully Sunday from a Pacific Ocean beach bluff about two miles south of Queets, on the Olympic Peninsula’s southwest edge.

“We were just going to toss the thing,” Storm said, “but John Anderson said, ‘Hey, you better put it up on eBay.”‘

Just think of how much money NASA could have raked in had eBay existed in the late 1950s.

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